The First Theme Park in Istanbul and Turkey

The City : İstanbul

Location of İstanbulİstanbul is situated in and between two continents, Asia and Europe and it has always been an important economic, social and cultural centre throughout its history.Istanbul, which stretches to 5,512 km2 area  with its population around 14 million, is the 21st largest city  in the world and the biggest metropolis of Turkey. Almost 15% of the country population which lives in Istanbul constitutes 32% of the total work force in Turkey. Istanbul conducts 55% of the total trade and holds 38% of the industrial facilities across Turkey. Besides, 25% of the total tourism revenues are directly provided by Istanbul and 43% of the overall foreign trade of Turkey is conducted within the city. Istanbul makes the largest contribution to the Turkish GDP at around 20-25 % level.

Istanbul, with its 1,596 persons/km2  population density which is about the same level as Tokyo (1,546 persons/km2 ) and below London (1,846 persons/km2 ) and above Paris (791 persons/km2 ) and New York (922 persons/km2 ), is considered as one of the biggest metropolis in the world.

The Bosphorus connects the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara by separating Europe from Asia, and dividing the city of İstanbul into two banks. Commercial, industry, cultural centers, administration, housing and recreational areas have shown a heterogeneous development pattern on two sides of the city.

Central business districts and related labor force are concentrated on the west bank of İstanbul.

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